Ingham County Roads

The Ingham County Road Commission would greatly appreciate if residents and service vendors could assist them by assuring:

  • That mailboxes are winter worthy.

  • That vehicles are pulled into driveways for clearing of snow and grading of gravel roads.

  • That trash receptacles are placed far enough off the road on pickup days so they do not get hit by the snow plow.


These few things make road maintenance much more efficient and allows the workforce to get through all the roads during cleanup of winter storms.


Did you know that the Ingham County Road Commission:

  • Maintains and repairs 68 bridges and more than 1,200 miles of county road in Ingham County.

  • Oversees operation of more than 80 traffic signals throughout the county.

  • Maintains more than 17,500 signs county wide, including stop signs, directional signs, and other road markers.

  • Places 450,000 gallons of sodium chloride on county gravel roads per year to hold down dust.

  • Stockpiles 3,000 tons of salt, 1,000 tons of sand and 400 cubic yards of chloride gravel for winter snow removal efforts.

  • Maintains more than 450 pieces of equipment, including cars, trucks, pick-ups, graders, and various other special equipment.

  • Uses approximately 25,000 gallons of paint annually in maintaining center, edge, and no passing pavement markings on county roads.

  • Has more than 100 employees.

The Ingham County Road commission is governed by a board of three county road commissioners which are appointed by the Ingham County Board of Commissioners for six-year term.


We are proud to state that White Oak Township’s own David Sheathelm (previously White Oak Township Treasurer) was appointed to the Ingharn County Road commission twice. He served as secretary and just completed serving as chairperson of the board. He is retiring from the Ingharn County Road Commission after fulfilling 12 years of service. Thank you David for doing a great job in serving the people of Ingharn County on the Road Commission. Best wishes in all you future endeavors.