Ordinance # 13

TOWNSHIP OF WHITE OAK  Ordinance No. 13  (Enacted DECEMBER 9, 1996)


Section One. The Recipient of fire suppression services or emergency medical services {ambulance services) from White Oak Township, shall be responsible for the fees charged to White Oak Township, under it’s contract with the providers, the Townships of Ingham, Leroy, and Stockbridge. The Township of White Oak shall establish and may increase/decrease these fees by resolution, at anytime without notice to the Recipient.

Section Two. The Township Clerk must invoice the Recipient at his or her last known address by first class mail and personal service or certified mail.

Section Three. The invoice must state the amount owed and notify the Recipient that they have the right to dispute the invoice by requesting a meeting with the Township Clerk within Thirty (30) Days of receiving the invoice.

Section Four. Any Recipient disputing the invoice, may meet with the White Oak Township Clerk and the Clerk shall review the invoice with the Recipient and make a determination as to whether or not the Recipient is responsible for the invoice.

4.1 If the Township Clerk determines that the Recipient is not responsible for the invoice, because neither the Recipient nor the Recipient’s agent(s) made a call for assistance and no assistance was rendered or required, then the Clerk may terminate collection actions against the Recipient.

4.2 If the Township Clerk, after meeting with the Recipient, determines that the Recipient is in fact liable for the services rendered (invoice), then the Clerk may order the Recipient to pay the invoice.

Section Five. If the Clerk determines that the Recipient has not paid the invoice within thirty (30) days of receipt or within fifteen (15) days after meeting with the Township Clerk, then the Township Clerk shall:

5.1 refer this matter to the Township Supervisor, for issuance of a Municipal Civil Infraction Ticket. The Township Supervisor shall issue the Municipal Civil Infraction Ticket pursuant to Section Six, after an independent investigation and authorization by the Township Attorney, pursuant to MCL 600.8707 (2); MSA 27A.8707 (2).

Section Six. Those persons failing to obey this ordinance by paying the invoice, shall be guilty of a Municipal Civil Infraction, pursuant to MCL 600.8707 (2); MSA.8701, et seq.:

6.1 The Township Supervisor shall issue the Municipal Civil Infraction Ticket in the manner proscribed by MCL 600.8709 and personally serve the Defendant or contract for Defendant’s service with a licensed and bonded Process Server.

6.2 Paying the Municipal Civil Infraction Ticket shall not negate the Defendant’ s duty to pay the Fire Suppression Service or Emergency Medical Service fee. White Oak Township may issue a second and subsequent Municipal Civil Infraction Ticket to any Defendant who pays the Municipal Civil Infraction Ticket’s fine, but fails to pay the Township’s invoice for services.

6.3 Fines and costs for failure to pay the required fees shall be $50.00 for the first and subsequent offenses.

Section Seven. This Ordinance shall take immediate effect thirty (30) days after publication by the Township Clerk pursuant to MCL 41.184; MSA 5.45(4).


Adopted at a regular meeting of White Oak Township, held on the 9th, day of December, 1996.