Ordinances and Resolutions

Fire and Ambulance Resolution

A resolution to adopt an ordinance to provide for collection of fire and ambulance fees.

Bid Policy Resolution

Competitive bidding policy.

Floodplain Management Resolution

Smoke Free Policy

Energy Ordinance

Tribute to Marvin Gauss

Ordinance # 08

An Ordinance to establish the fiscal year of the Township of White Oak.

Ordinance # 10

BOCA NATIONAL BUILDING CODE.   An Ordinance Establishing Minimum Regulations Governing the Design, Construction, Alteration, Enlargement, Repair, Demolition, Removal, Maintenance, And Use Of All Buildings And Structures.

Ordinance # 11

See Zoning Ordinance #11 below.

Ordinance # 12

Ordinance to establish charges for Township emergency services.

Ordinance # 13

An ordinance to provide for the collection of fire and ambulance fees.

Ordinance # 14

An ordinance to provide for municipal civil infraction tickets.

Ordinance # 15

An ordinance to regulate partitioning or division of parcels or tracts of land.

Ordinance # 16

An ordinance to designate an enforcing agency to discharge the responsibility of the Township of White Oak under the provisions of the State Construction Code.

Ordinance # 17

An ordinance to regulate and prescribe standards for permitting and construction of private driveways and to establish minimum construction standards.

Ordinance # 18

An ordinance to regulate the maintenance and safety of certain buildings and structures.

Ordinance # 19

An ordinance to establish regulations and restrictions on the siting, construction, use and operation of Outdoor Hydronic Heaters within the limits of White Oak Township.

Zoning Ordinance #11

An Ordinance to establish zoning districts and zoning provisions governing the use of land in the unincorporated portions of White Oak Township, Ingham County, Michigan, including the administration and enforcement thereof in accordance with the provisions of Act 184 of Public Acts of 1943 as amended.

Raica Special Use Permit

Gravel Pit