White Oak Township Trash

White Oak Township

1002 S. M-52

Webberville, MI 48892

Phone: (517) 851-8764


In December, 2021 Titan Trash Service was purchased by Modern Waste. Modern Waste has notified us that it will no longer offer its services for the Township’s third Saturday of the month trash pickup.

We have checked with Granger Waste Services and their fee structure for once a month trash pickup does not make it feasible for the Township to use their service.

Therefore, the third Saturday of the month trash pickup will be discontinued effective March 1, 2022.

For your convenience we are providing the contact information for both companies to help you with your individual collection needs.

Modern Waste – 517-536-4900

Granger – 517-371-9722

We are very sorry if this causes you any inconvenience.


White Oak Township Board

(517) 851-8764

Letter to Township