Recycle Plan



The Plan will require solid waste disposal facilities (landfills) that accept waste generated in Ingham County to enter into agreements with the County. One condition of the agreement will be a requirement for the landfills to pay the County for the cost of a base level of recycling activity throughout the County. The land fill win pay $0.42 per cubic yard of waste accepted. The County win pass on to municipalities which operate recycling activities $0.36 per cubic yard. The County will retain $0.06 per cubic yard to support household hazardous waste collection activities. As there is no exact measure of waste generated within each municipality, the County is use a formula developed by the Environmental Protection Agency to estimate the waste generated in each municipality. They have proposed regional recycling centers to serve the less populated areas of the County. In our region, the County proposes to contract with Webberville Village which will operate the recycling center on behalf of the municipalities in the region (Leroy Twp., Village of Webberville, White Oak Twp., and Williamston Twp.) The formula for White Oak Twp. with population of 1,186 with estimated waste disposed 2,434 at estimated % Waste at 0.2% would equal estimated funds per year @ $.36 cubic yard to be $876 to be given to Webberville Village to support the operation of the regional recycling center.

Since our township no longer has it’s own recycling program, we have agreed to the plan proposed by the County. You may drop off all your recycling items at the regional site in Webberville on Pardee Road, just West of the golf course and East of Webberville Road. The site is opened 24 hours a day.

Don’t throwaway a good thing.