The provisions of this Ordinance shall be administered and enforced by the Zoning Administrator who shall be appointed by the Township Board of White Oak Township, or any other employees, inspectors, and officials as the Zoning Administrator with approval of the Township Board may delegate to enforce the provisions of the Ordinance.


A. The Zoning Administrator shall be appointed by the Township Board for a term and compensation as determined by the Board. The Zoning Administrator shall be generally knowledgeable in the areas of fire prevention, safety, health, sanitary and protective measures; shall be physically capable of discharging the duties of the position; and shall not be engaged or employed directly or indirectly in the sale or purchase of real estate in the Township.

B. The Zoning Administrator shall have the power to grant zoning and land use permits, to make inspections of buildings or premises necessary to carry out his duties in the enforcement of this Ordinance.

C. It shall be unlawful for the Building Inspector to approve any plans or issue any permits or Certificates of Occupancy for any excavation or construction until the Zoning Administrator has inspected such plans in detail and found them to conform with this Ordinance.

D. The Zoning Administrator shall require that all applicants for zoning permits be accompanied by plans and specifications including a plot plan in duplicate, which shall agree with the site plan approved by the Zoning Board, when required, under Section 4.38 of this Ordinance. Required plot plan to include a statement that this Land Division Meets the requirements of the Michigan Land Division Act as enacted and amended October 1, 1997. The Zoning Administrator may require the plot plan to be prepared, signed, and sealed by a registered professional civil engineer or a registered professional land surveyor, and shall show the following:

1. The actual shape, location and dimensions of the lot, and the lines of the lots or parcels under separate ownership contained therein.

2. The shape, size, and location of all buildings or other structures to be erected, altered, or moved, and of any buildings or other structures already on the lot.

3. The existing and intended use of the lot and of all such structures upon it, including, in residential areas, the number of dwelling units the building is intended to accommodate.

4. The width and alignment of all abutting streets, alleys, easements of access and public open space.

5. In the case of an application for other than a residence, the applicant shall also furnish a sworn statement stating all uses to which he proposes to put the property or any proposed building on the property.

6. Such other information concerning the lot or adjoining lots as may be essential for determining whether the provisions of this Ordinance are being observed.

E. If the proposed excavation, construction, moving, alteration, or use of land as set forth in the application are in conformity with the provisions of this Ordinance, the Zoning Administrator shall issue a zoning or land use permit within ten (10) days after the receipt of completed application. If any application for such permit is not approved, the Zoning Administrator shall state in writing on the application the cause for such disapproval. Issuance of a permit shall in no case shall be construed as waiving any provisions of this Ordinance. A record of all such applications shall be kept on file by the Zoning Administrator.

F. Whenever an application for a building permit indicates the necessity for constructing an on-site sewage disposal system and/or water well system on the premises, the Zoning Administrator shall not issue such permit unless the Ingham County Health Department shall have approved the site for the construction of such facilities.

G. The Zoning Administrator is under no circumstance permitted to grant exceptions to the meaning of any clause, order, or regulation contained in this Ordinance or any person making application to excavate, construct, move, alter, or use buildings, structures or land within the Township.


The following shall apply in the issuance of any permit:

A. Zoning Permits Required. It shall be unlawful for any person to commence excavation for, construction of any building or structure, structural changes, or repairs in any existing building or structure, or moving of an existing building, without first obtaining a Building Zoning Permit from the Zoning Administrator. No permit shall be issued for construction, alteration or remodeling of any building or structure until an application has been submitted in accordance with the provisions of this Ordinance showing that the construction proposed is in compliance with the provisions of this Ordinance, with the Building Code, and with other applicable ordinances.

B. Permits for New Use of Land. A Zoning Permit shall also be obtained for the new use of land, whether the land is presently vacant or a change in land use is proposed. A site plan shall be completed for each proposed land use subject to the requirements of Section 4.38.

C. Permits for New Use of Buildings or Structures. A Zoning Permit shall also be obtained for any change in use of an existing building or structure to a different class or type of use. A site plan shall be completed for each proposed land use subject to the requirements of Section 4.38.

D. Accessory Buildings. Accessory buildings when erected at the same time as the principal building on a lot and shown on the application thereof shall not require a separate zoning permit, provided the accessory building is built in conformance to this Ordinance.

E. Permits Valid for One Year. All permits, when issued, shall be valid for a period of one (1) year only but may be extended for a further period not to exceed one year, if the Zoning Administrator shall find good cause shown for failure to complete work for which said permit was issued; provided that the exterior of any such structure must be completed within one (1) year from the date of the original issuance of a permit.

F. Should the holder of a Permit fail to complete the work for which said permit was issued within the time limit as set forth above, any unfinished structure is hereby declared a nuisance, per se and the same may be abated by appropriate action before the Circuit Court of the County. The Board of Zoning Appeals, the Township Board, or any aggrieved person may institute a suit to have the nuisance abated.


Fees for inspections and the issuance of permits or certificates or copies thereof required or issued under the provisions of this Ordinance shall be collected by the Zoning Administrator in advance of the issuance of such permits or certificates. The amount of such fees shall be established by the Township Board and shall cover the cost of inspection and supervision resulting from the enforcement of this Ordinance.


The Zoning Administrator may issue appearance tickets for violations pursuant to this Ordinance.